Young Diplomats

Whichever is the case...enrolling your pre-teen in the Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar will surely give them the tools to change their perceptions of life, build a greater level of self-esteem, self-confidence and guide them in becoming a future professional.  

  • Know how to make friends easy?
  • Help mom and dad around the house?
  • Have challenges behaving at the dinner table?
  • Forget to  write thank you notes when given a gift?
  • Lose sight of what’s right from wrong?
  • Has trouble getting along with friends in school?
  • Know how to set the table for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?
  • Understand and use power word correctly?
  • Know how to be a great guest or host?
  • Know how to use silver; spoon, fork, and knife safely?
  • Has trouble introducing themselves correctly (using the 8 ingredients of an introduction)?
  • Understands the meaning and purpose of manners, and rules of etiquette?
  • Understands the meaning of respect for adults (other than their parents)?

Etiquette lessons for pre-teens go beyond knowing how to appropriately shake a person’s hand. They help teens build communication skills, learn good manners and show respect for others and themselves. While some social norms may change over time, the basic rules of etiquette stay the same. It’s never too early for a young person to start learning lessons in social graces. 

The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana’s (ELII) Young Diplomats (YD) program is for pre-teens 8 - 13 years of age. YD etiquette seminars teach young boys and young girls to become educated and informed, on manners and rules of etiquette. Students are engaged by role-play, conversation, question and answer sessions, along with hands-on activities. Throughout the etiquette and leadership program's students have opportunities to  stimulate their inner creativity and curiosity.    

Every parent wants their child to understand and practice good manners. Today's pre-teens are continuously exposed to rude behavior everywhere they go. They witness it going to and from school, on the school bus, in the classroom, on the internet (social media), and on television, it almost seems as though it has become the norm. Despite the rude behavior of modern day culture, pre-teens  are still open to learning present day manners, rules of etiquette and proper protocols. 

To help identify those manners and etiquette mishaps here's a list of questions. Does your pre-teen... 

  • Know how to dress themselves?
  • Understands what an Act of Kindness is?
  • Open to learning new ideas?
  • Invite friends over the house?
  • Know the rules of being a great guest and host?
  • Have challenges with conflict resolutions?
  • Know how to tie a necktie or bow tie?
  • Have challenges speaking aloud or in front of others?
  • Lack self-esteem?
  • Lack self-confidence?
  • Always seem to argue?
  • Think their too cool learns manners? 
  • Eat's their food like there's no tomorrow? 
  • Shows bad sportsmanship toward others? 
  • Shy and intimidated by others (older than them)?