Why should manners and the rules of etiquette be taught to children ages 5 – 7 you may ask? 

As parents we expect our child to behave at an early age, however, it’s clear that not all children can be held to the same expectations, or need help with the same types of manners, or clearly understanding of the rules of etiquette at an early age, and what your child needs practice with could vary, depending on their age. "It's important to know the normal developmental skills appropriate for different age groups so you can determine where the help is needed," says Susan Diamond, M.A., a speech-language pathologist and author of Social Rules for Kids. The proper social skills that need to be learned can be divided into three stages: (1) determining the social skills that need development, (2) figuring out ways to teach the skills, and (3) reinforcing lessons with the right resources. Therefore, where should these “Social Rules for Kids” begin you may ask? The answer is in the home (wherever it may be). Children between the ages 3 – 7 take in what they see through sight and touch, what they hear through sound, actions and reactions, and gestures (negative and positive) and thus mimic them as they interact with family, play friends, and schoolmates. In order to help create a positive learning environment for children at an early age…The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana (ELII) have developed an etiquette seminar for 5 – 7 year age children or our Little Ambassadors. Designed to enable its Little Ambassadors to learn and experience new things, such as manners, a greater understating of the rules of etiquette highlighting the “Why,” “how-comes,” “when’s,” and “who.” 

ELII, embraces the idea of giving children (Little Ambassador) the right set of social tools to begin their long journey on the road of social acceptance. In addition, we feel that giving parents a unique view of why introducing the subject of manners and rules of etiquette to their child at such an early age (5 – 7yrs.) will allow their child(ren) the opportunity to have doors open sooner than later; which would undoubtable not be so!