10 Tips on how to be a great Guest                        

Whether or not you know, the principal responsibility of a guest might be to enjoy them above all else. However, the real responsibility of the guest, when staying with people not in the business of running a bed and breakfast, is not to burden the host. Whether you're being hosted by your brother, distant relative, or the friend of a friend…your goal in playing the role of guest should be to ensure the host would invite back for a visit! Here are 10 of many more tips on how to be a great guest.                                                  

     1) Inquire about household practices. Your goal is to cause as little disruption as possible.

     2) Avoid showing up unexpectedly several hours or even the day after you said you'd arrive.

     3) Bring a gift to say "thank you" when you arrive. Offering something as a way of thanking your hosts in advance is a thoughtful and caring gesture.

     4) Be Prepared for Your Visit; An unprepared house guest is a terrible burden.

     5) You're Not Staying at a Hotel; Part of the luxury of staying at a hotel is that you're paying to be waited on.

     6) Clean up after yourself. Every morning make the guest bed or, if the guest bed is a big obtrusive air mattress in the middle of their living room, put the guest bed and bedding away.

     7) Don't make assumptions. Unless you are specifically told to "help yourself to anything" in the refrigerator or pantry, always ask before taking something, and never take the last of anything.

     8) Be reasonable about sharing a household bathroom. If the house only has one bathroom, ask when it is convenient for you to use it.

     9) Use proper dining skills: don’t eat like a slob.

     10) Send a thank you note when you get back home. When you get home, send a note thanking the host for their hospitality.