3. Having challenges finding the right gown or dress? 

4. Nervous about going out to dine with friends because you don't know which fork or knife to use? 
5. Not sure how to position the corsage?
6. Not sure which side the boutonniere is placed? 
7. Afraid what others might say or think about what you're wearing? 
8. Don't have the right amount of funds $$ to buy what you need or would like? 
9. Having issues with mom and/or dad on the budget? 
10. Don't know how to ask for a ride for you and your date?

10 Basic concerns when planning for the Prom!
1. Having challenges finding the right Prom date? 
2. Want to be treated like a Princess by your date on one of the most memorable occasions of your high school years? 

Important points to remember and be aware:

2020 Prom

Etiquette Seminar's

Are you pondering as to whether you should go to your Prom? 

If so, you should know that your Prom is a special time in your high school years. It is an opportunity to come together with your friends for that last hurrah, painting a picture of the past four years of friendships and lots of fun times.  

The high school prom is a special occasion, an event where all want to be at their bests. Remembering a few important etiquette rules can help avoid embarrassing faux pas, so everyone has a wonderful evening to remember

  • Dining etiquette  - Which fork and knife to use 
  • Dating etiquette - No means "NO" 
  • Texting etiquette - Not while dining 
  • Driving etiquette - Don't drink and drive 
  • Phone etiquette - Be prepared
  • Dancing etiquette - Grooving to the music
  • Grooming tips - Hygiene is important
  • Etiquette in Public Place - show respect

Prom Etiquette 

  • After party etiquette - Do's and don't
  • ​Budgeting your funds - Don't over-spend $$$
  • Buying  the right Gown - Stay within your budget
  • Renting the right Tux - Make sure it fits
  • Finding the right date - This could be challenging
  • Rules of a Gentleman - Respecting your date
  • Rules of a Lady - Not too provocative 

"HOT" The Etiquette and Leadership Institute of Indiana is looking for High School's in Indianapolis and surrounding areas who would like to have a free 2 hour Prom Etiquette Seminar presented to their Seniors and Juniors  .  

How to put your schools name in the hat; Prom chairperson should send an email to info@eliindiana.com with the following: 

  • School name 
  • School address
  • School phone number
  • Prom date 
  • Prom Committee Chair persons name