Would you consider yourself a good, great or awesome kind of Guest? As Thanksgiving approaches in the coming weeks, you'll have an opportunity to prove how good, great or awesome type of guest you are no matter whose home you eat turkey for this coming Thanksgiving. It’s important for you not to act rude or be that ugly acting family member, obnoxious friend or loud guest. Following these tips will allow you to be on your best behaviors this Thanksgiving.

  • RSVP if you receive an invitation.
  • Don't be late. There is no excuse, call if you feel you’ll to be late.
  • Try not coming empty-handed, bring the host a gift such as a bottle of wine, flowers and/or dish to share with others.
  • Respect your Host and others.
  • If you've offered to bring a dessert, bring dessert, enough for everyone.
  • Come with your dish completely prepared so you don’t make a mess, don’t expect to utilize your hosts’ kitchen.   
  • Always offer to help in the kitchen with prep work, clean up and wash dishes.
  • Turn off your cell phone. If the call is important, there’s voicemail.
  • Let your host know in advance if you have a dietary restriction.
  • Avoid discussing your diet, sports, politics, money, or religion at the dinner table, accept Thanksgiving as a special occasion.
  • Ask the host what the attire is. Dress appropriately to mirror what your hosts will be wearing (Nice slacks or pants are typically safe).
  • Make sure you ask the host if you can bring a guest to Thanksgiving Dinner. Don’t assume its okay.  
  • Give thanks and if appropriate, toast your hosts.
  • Don’t be loud, speak with your indoor voice (watching the games or not)
  • Send a thank you note/card to the host, thanking them for a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and wonderful friendship

​  1. Don't discriminate

​  2. Show kindness and courtesy

​  3. Preserve dignity 

​  4. Be polite to those who are different than you

​  5. Demonstrate good manners 

​  6. Be considerate of others

​  7. Keep your promise - your word is your bond

​  8. Arrive on time 

  9. Always say "thank you" 

 10. Apply the rules of etiquette in all situations

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How do you set your dining table on Thanksgiving? 

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  11. Not everything you think of needs to be spoken
Remember words hurt and stay around for a very long time
Don't rush to get through the door, hold it for others
Consider using your indoor voice volume when inside
Remember your values
Understand not everyone is your enemy
Be humble   
Never be afraid to say "I'm sorry"

  19. Respect the difference in other cultures

  20. Learn and understand the meaning of the word "NO"