15 Tips for being a great Host during the Holidays

What does it mean to be a really awesome Host to an overnight guest of family and friends?  The ultimate goals is to make whom ever feel welcome and comforted (as thought they were home) and like they have space to be on their own as well as ways to connect and be involved with your household. Here are fifteen tips you can follow as you embark on this 2019 Holiday: 

1. Tell your guests when you would like them to arrive and leave.

2. Ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions when issuing an invitation to a meal, and try to remember them. They will greatly               appreciate your efforts and respect you. When discussing the subject, ask them if they are willing to eat Jell-O, eggs, dairy products, honey, or animal- derived gelatin.

3. Above All, Communicate. The worst guests, short of those that smash the fine china and abscond with your teenage daughter, are by

far the poor communicators.

4. Keep your host current on your schedule and inquire about theirs. As soon as you know information about your projected schedule,

you should share it with your host.

5. Inquire about household practices. Your goal is to cause as little disruption as possible. Ask your host about things like when they usually go to bed, when the children go to bed—woe and misery upon the head of the house guest that wakes a cranky baby — and other household routines.

6. Welcome your friends. When they arrive smile, and say "hi", then let them come in. Be polite and friendly, and make sure to ask them how they are.

7. Never make the guest feel uncomfortable. Even if you decide halfway through that your friend's a boor and you want to call it all off, stay polite and be the perfect host until the end.

8. Help your friends find all of their bits and pieces before leaving. If you noticed, they were carrying something but seem to have forgotten it, ask about it.

9. Don't make friends feel like intruders. If you have a spare bedroom, leave out thoughtful extras, like slippers and bottles of water.

10. Be clear about the house rules. If you have a shoes-off policy or your cats aren't allowed outside, let them know at the beginning of their visit.

11. Be attentive, but not overbearing. Your guests will welcome your attention, as long as you don’t suffocate them with questions and planned activities.

12. Give them alone time, but don’t ignore them. Allow your guests some down time.  Even though they’re visiting, a long trip and constant activity can be tiring for both your guest and yourself.

13. Give them a tour of the city. If your guests have never been to your city before, give them a tour. You don’t have to escort them on every activity they have planned, but give them a driving tour or a map and tell them the must-see places.

14. Don’t forget the kids. If your guests include children, make sure you accommodate them, too.

15. Save your best parking spot. If parking in your neighborhood is limited, be sure to reserve your off-street spot for your guests, if they are driving.