Seminar Description

Life coach: Adults ages 18 - 30 yrs.) 

Designed to bring together an array of topics focusing on an individuals image, professional behavior, social protocols, and etiquette skills, job-related topics, interpersonal behavior and art of communications; speech (oral and written) and  

Little Ambassadors Etiquette Seminar:
Designed to open the minds of young children ages 5 – 7on the meaning of manners, learn the rules of etiquette and introduction of family protocols.

  • Manners and rules of etiquette are the most important quality to be nurtured in the family home for children ages 5 - 7.
  • Ages where children learn to play well with others, share, give, and respect the space of all other family members and friends.
  • An amazing opportunity for your child who wants to learn all those little things with dining, being a great host and guess. Along with demonstrating an understanding of Act of Kindness.
  • Learning all about table settings, various styles of dining, proper use of napkins and utensils, acting as a good host/hostess while dining, developing great behavior at the table, mealtime manners, posture, and conversation.
  • Listening and speaking when it's their turn, making an introduction and being gracious.
  • Having an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned.
  • Learning "Act of Kindness" demonstrating giving back process.

Single Family relief etiquette seminar for kids:
This seminar is designed for single Moms and Dads seeking a break in their daily hectic lives. This three-week seminar will provide an educational moment to their child teaching the following subjects:

  • The basics understanding of the rules of etiquette and manners
  • Six family values (Family, Property, Friendship, 
  • Social awareness outside the home
  • ABCs of table manners
  • An act of Kindness at home
  • Navigating the minefield of  low self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • How to be a great host and guest

Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar:

  • Designed to educate pre-teens on the subject of manners, rules of etiquette and protocols. 
  • This is the age where a child learns to be considerate, tolerant, and respectful of others; family, friends, Being a good sport, Respecting others' belongings and privacy, in addition to demonstrating how to be a great host and guest.

Mothers and Sons Dining Etiquette Seminar:

  • Designed for mothers and sons to enjoy bonding moments.
  • Demonstrate a mother’s role is in the building of her son's self-esteem.
  • Helping her son develop into a strong man and wonderful adults.

"What a Mother Wishes for Her Son" seminar:

This seminar will bring to life the wishes of mothers (and grandmothers) for their sons (and grandsons) from the book "What a Mother Wishes for Her Son; Encouraging Quotes from Birth to Manhood" by J.A. Scott.

  • Designed to open the window of manhood and what's required of young men before they open their mouths or raising their hands to harm others 
  • Bring to life what mothers want their sons to learn as they grow in age
  • Full of laughter and awareness of the nuances of raising a boy
  • An engaging discussion on keeping it real from a young boy, teenagers, and young males point of view 

Father and Daughters Dining Etiquette Seminar:

  • Designed to build on a fathers bonding opportunity with his daughter  
  • Showing how she should expect to be treated by young men.
  • ABCs of table manners
  • Dining like a diplomat
  • Do’s and don’t of a waitstaff


How to Raise a Young Gentlemen Summer Camp: 
Six amazing evenings of fun, laughter, education, and lots of knowledge for the growth of young men:
     Evening 1: Understanding manners,  Dressing with confidence and believing in yourself
     Evening 2: Keeping it real…leadership principals (Six Rs of decision making)
     Evening 3: Engaging the true meaning of etiquette, Financial management – investing 101
     Evening 4: Art of Communication and Facilitating 101
     Evening 5: ABCs of table manners
     Evening 6: Dining like a Diplomat (five-course meal)

Note: topics subject to change at the discretion of ELII ​

How to Raise a Young Lady Summer Camp:
Six amazing evenings leading to fun, laughter, intellectual conversation, and educational knowledge for young ladies:
     Evening 1: Understanding manners, rules of etiquette, protocols, and values
     Evening 2: Art of Communication, six Rs of decision making,   
     Evening 3: Leadership skills, follower vs. leader, and Facilitating 101
     Evening 4: Financial management – investing 101, and dressing with confidence
     Evening 5: ABC's of Table Manners
     Evening 6: Dining like a Diplomat (five-course meal)

Note: topics subject to change at the discretion of ELII 

Future Professional Leadership Seminar:

  • Designed for tomorrow’s young leaders
  • Understanding the principals and meaning of leadership
  • Six R’s of decision making 
  • Building self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence
  • Enhancing Communication skills (thinking before you speak)
  • ABCs of table manners
  • Mastering and applying the rules of etiquette in public
  • Dressing for success and working the room
  • Tips on how to facilitate a small group  – conflict resolution 101
  • Tips on how to maneuver around a job fair
  • Experiencing an Act of Kindness 

Please be advised that photos and/or video are sometimes taken at our classes and may be used in our marketing and/or on our public internet marketing including but not limited to our website and social media identities. By registering for an ELII (Etiquette & Leadership) class, you agree to allow photos and/or video of your child to be used in ELII marketing including but not limited to our public internet marketing. Note, we will never post or mention your child’s name.

2019 Etiquette and Leadership Seminar Schedule 

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations received up to 10 days before the first class in the series are 100% refundable. Cancellations received less than ten days before the first class in the series are not refundable. Transfers are possible up to 10 days before the class if there is space available in the same class series at a later date. Students who cannot complete all classes in the series cannot transfer to another course to complete the series.

If fewer than 10 children are registered seven days before the class, the class will be cancelled and refunds issued.


Little Ambassadors (ages 5 - 7yrs.) 


Young Diplomats  (ages 8 - 13 yrs.) 


High School Prom Etiquette



Young Professionals (ages 14 - 18) 


Sportsmanship Etiquette seminar (ages 8 - 16 yrs.)


Single Family Relief  


Summer Camp -  How to Raise a Gentleman (ages 8 - 15 yrs.)

July 15th to July 20th

     Summer Camp - How to Raise a Lady (ages 8 - 15 yrs.)              July 22nd to July 27th  


Little Ambassador Back-to-School Seminar (ages 5 - 7 yrs.) 


Young Diplomat Back-to-School Seminar (ages 8 - 13 yrs.) 


Future Professional (ages 14 - 18 yrs.)