2017 Etiquette and Leadership Seminar Schedule 

Etiquette and Leadership Seminars

1) Little Ambassadors Etiquette Seminar

(Ages 5 – 7)

2) Adult Refresher Dining Etiquette

3) Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar

(ages 8 – 13)

4) Mother and Son Dining Etiquette Seminar

(Ages 8 - 18) 

5) What a Mother Wishes for Her Son (Ages 8 - 18) 
Based on the Book “What a Mother Wishes for Her Son”

6) Father and Daughter Dining Etiquette Seminar

(Ages 8 - 18) 

7) How to Raise a Young Gentlemen  (Ages 12 - 18) 

8) Sportsmanship Seminar – 
Pursuing Victory through Sportsmanship

(Ages 6 - 18) 
9) How to Raise a Young Lady

(Ages 12 - 18) 
Saturday’s, July 17th – July 21st

10) Future Professional Leadership Seminar

(Ages 14 – 18)
Saturday’s, August 5th, 12th, and 19th

11) Little Ambassadors Etiquette and Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar

(Ages 5 – 7) and (Ages 8 - 13)
Saturdays, September 2nd, 9th, and 16th

12) Etiquette and Leadership Seminar on behalf of 
Mozel Sanders Foundation

Saturday, October 14th (east location)

(Ages 8 – 13)
Sunday, October 15th (west location)

(Ages 14 – 18) ​

                      Seminar Description
1) Little Ambassadors Etiquette Seminar:
     a. Designed to open the minds of young children ages 5 – 7 on   the  meaning of manners, learn the rules of etiquette and introduction of family protocols. 
     b. Manners and rules of etiquette are the most important quality to nurture in the family home for children ages 5 - 7.
     c. Ages where children learn to play well with others, share, give, and respect the space of all other family members and friends.
     d. An amazing opportunity for your child who wants to learn all those little things with dining, being a great host and guess. Along with demonstrating an understanding of Act of Kindness.
     e. Learning all about table settings, various styles of dining, proper use of napkins and utensils, acting as a good host/hostess while dining, behavior at the table, mealtime manners, posture and conversation and so much more!
     f. Listening and Speaking on Turn, making an introduction and being     gracious
     g. Children will have an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned.
     h. The act of kindness events demonstrating giving back process.

2) Adult Refresher Dining Etiquette:
     a. Designed to bring back the romantic atmosphere of dining and dating with a  five-course meal.  
     b. Rekindle those dating emotions with your significant others, best friend.
     c. Be ahead of others; know which beverage is yours, which bread plate is yours.
     d. Increase your knowledge on wine pairing with different foods, and cuisines.

3) Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar:
     a. Designed to educate young pre-teens on the subject of manners, rules of etiquette and protocols.  
     b.This is the age where a child learns to be considerate, tolerant, and respectful of others; family, friends, Being a good sport, Respecting others' belongings and privacy, in addition to demonstrating how to be a great host and guest. 

4) Mothers and Sons Dining Etiquette Seminar:
     a. Designed for mothers and sons to bond and demonstrate what it means to be a gentleman.
     b. A mother’s role also is elemental in building a boy’s self-esteem.
     c. Helping her son develop into wonderful adults. 

5) What a Mother Wishes for Her Sons seminar: (from the book "What a Mother Wishes for Her Son; Encouraging Quotes from Birth to Manhood" by J.A. Scott). 
     a. Designed to capture the wishes of a mother to her son by way of 325 quotes from mothers and grandmothers.
     b. Bring to life what mothers wish for their son's discussion of scenarios based on book “What Mothers wish for their sons.”

6) Father and Daughters Dining Etiquette Seminar:
     a. Designed to capture the fathers bonding moment with his daughter – showing how she should be treated, my other young men. 

7) How to Raise a Young Gentlemen:
     Designed for five evening of education and growth of young men
     Session 1: Dressing with confidence, believing in yourself.
     Session 2: Keeping it real…leadership principals.
     Session 3: Financial management – investing.
     Session 4: Art of Communication.
     Session 5: ABC's of Table Manners.

8) Sportsmanship Seminar – Pursuing Victory through Sportsmanship:
     a. Designed to open the world of sportsmanship at all levels
     b. Playing while respecting your opponent
     c. Parents can show good sportsmanship too
     d. Sportsmanship outside the lines

9) How to Raise a Young Lady: 
     Five amazing evenings of educational knowledge for young ladies

     Session 1: Understanding of manners, rules of etiquette, protocols, and values. 
     Session 2: Art of Communication, Dressing with confidence.
     Session 3: Leadership skills, follower vs. leaders.
     Session 4: Financial management – investing.
     Session 5: ABC's of Table Manners   

10) Future Professional Leadership Seminar:
     a. Designed for tomorrow's leaders
     b. Understanding the Principals and meaning of Leadership
     c. Six Rs of decision making.  
     d. Building Self-confidence
     e. Enhancing Communication Skills
     f.  Interpersonal Skill Development
     g. Teamwork and Leadership Skills
     h. Effective Attitude Management
     i.  Dressing for success, you aren't what you wear
     j.  Perception management, the basis of first impressions

11) Back to School Special:Little Ambassadors and Young Diplomats Etiquette and Leadership Seminar:
     a. Designed to start school with an open mind 
     b. Making new friends and keep the old ones

12) Etiquette and Leadership Seminar on behalf of Gleaners Food Bank:
     a. Tomorrow’s leaders giving back today in support of others.
     b. A lesson in giving to others, along with Acts of kindness in helping others.
     c. Understanding why it’s so important to feel empathy.
     d. All funds and food goes directly to Gleaners Food Bank