​  1. Don't discriminate

​  2. Show kindness and courtesy

​  3. Preserve dignity 

​  4. Be polite to those who are different than you

​  5. Demonstrate good manners 

​  6. Be considerate of others

​  7. Keep your promise - your word is your bond

​  8. Arrive on time 

  9. Always say "thank you" 

 10. Apply the rules of etiquette in all situations

Business Card


                   20 Simple ways how to show respect for others...

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  11. Not everything you think of needs to be spoken
  12. Remember words hurt and stay around for a very long time
  13. Don't rush to get through the door, hold it for others
  14. Consider using your indoor voice volume when inside
  15. Remember your values
  16. Understand not everyone is your enemy
  17. Be humble   
  18. Never be afraid to say "I'm sorry"

  19. Respect the difference in other cultures

  20. Learn and understand the meaning of the word "NO"


10 Dating turn-offs​:   

1. Don’t Be a Showboat  

2. Don’t be a Slob

3. Don’t be Rude

4. Don’t be Married

5. Don’t be Aggressive 

6. Don’t Stereotype

7. Don’t be Distracted

8. Don’t Be All Business

9. Don’t be Nervous

10. Don't discuss other women

"Showing Gratitude - verses - Just saying Thank You" 

Do you know and understand the difference?